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Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery

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Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery

March 23, 1937.---Idaho Evening Times


Work Opens Here On Project, Second Of Its Kind In Idaho.

Plans were completed to day and construction underway on the first Memorial park to be established in this vicinity and the second so established in Idaho, Charles W. Edwards, Twin Falls route two, who is financing the improvement said here this afternoon.

The only other such cemetery park in Idaho is situated in Boise and is attracting high interest, those connected with the local improvement indicated.

Situated directly across the Kimberly road from the Twin Falls Cemetery-To be known as Sunset Memorial park- will feature great slopping lawns, shade trees, flowers and shrubbery. The entire plot consists of 58 areas, Mr. Edwards said, and approximately one third of this will be devoted entirely to parking, the remainder being divided into lots which will be offered for sale within a short time.


A feature of the new Memorial park will be the total absence of tombstones. Each grave will be a separate cement vault, the sealed top lying from 12 to 18 inches below the ground level. The construction will be such that when the earth and grass is replaced there will be no sinking. Each grave will be indicated with a flat marker sunk in the ground, the top being level with the ground.

Because of this arrangement, Mr. Edwards said it will be possible to give perpetual care to the grounds without additional charge. Mowing will be much easier, he points out, and an absence of grass cropping and uncut areas will be noted.


The area to be devoted to parking alone will be adjacent to the highway and

will extend back into the property and take in an artificial lake, which will be constructed, and also the Perrine Coulee which flows through the property. Work is already underway rip-rapping the coulee and the automobile roads have been surveyed.

Construction is expected to start soon on the concrete work in connection with two bridges which will cross the coulee to the main part of the park at either end of the property. The entire area will then be fenced off with rock pillars supporting connecting chains. It is expected the park will be ready for use by mid summer. When completed those interested in the improvement state, it will be one of the beauty spots in this section of the state.

Another feature of the park will be giant awnings which will spread over each grave during services, enabling mourners to sit in a protected area. Smaller awnings will be erected over each grave after the burial rites to protect and preserve flowers for a longer period than is possible in unprotected areas.


The park is sponsored by a group of local men incorporated as the Parks Development Company.

Mr. Edwards, who is financing the venture, is an old time resident of this section of Idaho, with him, in the company, are H.J. Ricker, as president; N.J. McCormick, as secretary; William J. Edwards, Treasurer, and R.S. McCormick.

At the present time 10 men are daily engaged in making the necessary improvements. Later plans call for the construction of a mausoleum.

Beautiful Sunset Memorial Park

September 10, 1937, Idaho Evening Times

Now open for reservations at development prices, Burial lots at one-quarter the usual price. Small down payments.

Salesmen and Saleswomen wanted. Parks Development Company . . .


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