Twin Falls County Surnames

List of Surnames of Twin Falls County Natives.

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Twin Fall County Surname Researchers Name & Email Address
ALBRECHT William H.Birkholtz
AUSTIN Gerri Stults
BAKER Susan Hollis      Patricia Pierose
BASCOM James L. Holloway
BASFORD James L. Holloway
BEEM Patricia Pierose
BEVERCOMBE Gerrie Stults
BEVINS Katie  Debleeker   
BENNETT Katie Debleeker
BOTZET James L. Holloway
BURKE Tracy Lynn Wilson
BURLESON Edith Ward 
CAMPBELL Janette Lancaster
COBB Patricia Pierose
CHRISWELL Debbie Linton
COINER Gerrie Stults
COLEMAN Charlene Kolterman
CRUMP Patricia Pierose
CRAIG Darlene Platt
DAY Maryanne Roy Legrow
DEWITT Valorie Persons
DUFF Reindeer
DYE Carol Zografos
ESKES Marcia Meems
EASTERDAY Howard G. Lanham
FARR Kay Fulfs Cayler
FERGUSON Rebecca Duke
FOSTER Rhonda Foster  Gerrie Stults
FRY Chris Storey
GLENN Fred Odom
GLICK Kay Fulfs Cayler
GOODSPEED Charlene Kolterman
HARTMAN Charlene Kolterman
HOBSON Janette Lancaster
HOCHHALTER Eugene Hochhalter
JACKSON Sandralee Jensen
JENNINGS David Gambrel
JOHNSON Edith Ward 
JONES Carol Zografos
JULIAN Charlotte Slater
KLINE Robert Middleton
KNICKERBOCKER Charlene Kolterman
LANCASTER Janette Lancaster
LANGE William H. Birkholz
LIGHTHALL Barbara Williams 
LIERMANN William H. Birkholz
McCABE Betty VanLeen
McCAULEY Patricia Pierose
MAINARD Julie Ellis
McCONNELL Charlene Kolterman
McDOLE Gerrie Stults
McQUEEN Scott Kendall
MIDDLETON Robert Middleton
MILLER Gerrie Stults
NELSON Charlene Kolterman
OWENS Janette Lancaster
PARSONS Debbie Linton
PATTON James L. Holloway
PECKHAM Carol Zografos
PETZOLDT Gerrie Stults
PONS Debbie Linton
RALSTON Gerrie Stults
REES Peggy Contreras
ROBINSON James L. Holloway
RODGERSON Robert Middleton
ROSE Debbie Linton
RUDOLPH Eugene Hochhalter
SHAFFER Katie Debleeker
SHARP Katie Debleeker
SHELTON Janette Lancaster
SHOPE Shauna Beal
SHOWERS Gerrie Stults
SLATER Charlotte Slater
STEELE Katie Debleeker
STONE Charlene Kolterman
SUMMERS, Zera Thomas Sandralee Jensen
TEAGUE Eugene Hochhalter
TRANMER James L. Holloway
Tracy Lynn Wilson
TROTTER James L. Holloway
URIE  James L. Holloway
VADER Katie Debleeker
VAN OENEN Marcia Meems
VARNEY Rhonda Foster
WALKER Rebecca Duke
WARREN Gerrie Stults
WHEELER Howard G. Lanham
WISELY Eugene Hochhalter
WISEMAN Peggy Contreras
WILLIAMS Katie Debleeker
WHITNEY Charlotte Slater

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