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Twin Falls was incorporated as a village April 12, 1905. Appointment of the trustees was made by the board of commissioners of Cassia county.


Shoshone Falls is higher than Niagara.

Twin Falls County was created in 1907, from the parent county of Cassia. It consists of the communities of Buhl, Castleford, Filer, Hansen, Hollister, Kimberly, Murtaugh, Rogerson and Twin Falls.

The extinct Settlements, Communities and Towns. Abbey, North part of the County, 4 miles N. of Buhl, Agriculture area- had Post Office, Abandoned. Amsterdam, First called Appledorn. Central part of County, 4.5 miles N of Rogerson, establishe by Dutch settlers in 1909. Artesian City sits on the Cassia and Twin Falls county line. Formerly called Farmington than re-named for the Artesian Wells. Had a Post Office 1909-1911, Now only a small abandoned Cemetery remains. Austin was a small early settlement and named for Alice Austin, had Post Office 1898-1910. Berger, In the early 1908 settlers came from the Mid-West and filed under a Carey Act Project to farm the area, Post office 1911-1927, Named for Fred Berger, town no longer exsists. Clover, Community settled in 1914 a German settlement, Lutheran Church and Cemetery remains.

Dry Town, a early mining community. Milner, Formerly called the Cedars, Grew with the consruction of Milner Dam and at one time had approximately 1500 people, only a old cemetery remains. Mudbarville, 1870 gold mining settlement. Rock Creek, Once a stage stop about 1865, Post office 1871-1925. Roseworth, Cattle country, Post Office opened in 1896, About 1921 a caravan of 128 Brooklyn familys made the trek across the continent to settle on the Roseworth project but left soon after. Salmon Falls, Established 1879 with Post office 1879-1896. Springtown was a mining camp in the 1860's with the discovery of gold. Waterburg or Walterberg was once in the boundaries of what is now Twin Falls County.

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